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Can You Find Gold And Silver Magnet Fishing?

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Andy Baines

Chief Magnet Fisher And Writer Around Here.

I have been a keen magnet fishing enthusiast for the best part of 6 years now and have picked up a lot of cool tips and ideas along the way. I share them here on Hobby Magnet Fishing to hopefully help and inspire you to take part in the hobby.

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I remember when I first though about going magnet fishing. I had so many questions and thoughts running around in my head.

One of the main ones was,

“Can I find gold and silver when magnet fishing?”

It is a reasonable question as you always dream of finding some life changing treasures.

So what is the truth? Can you actually find gold and silver when you go magnet fishing with a poweful Neodymium magnet?

Unfortunately you will never find gold or silver when you go magnet fishing. This is because although the metals react to a magnetic field it is actually in reverse. So instead of attracting they will very slightly repel away from the neodymium magnets surface.

It’s time to talk technical. Maggnetism is caused by unpaired electrons surrounding the atoms of a material such as ferrous metals like iron. The problem with gold is that it not made up of any unpaired electrons and due to this cannot be magnetised. Instead it is classified as Diamagnetic which means that it is opposite and repels a magnetic field.

So there you have it. Due to gold and silvers characteristics there is no chance of using a fishing magnet to find them.

However there is a chance that you may find them indirectly!

One of the rarer types of finds when you magnet fish is cash boxes or safes. They are right up there as the Holy Grail of finds, but they are found.

There can be all sorts of treasures stored away in the such as cash, watches or even gold and silver jewellery.

So even though gold and silver are not attracted to neodymium fishing magnets there is still a chance that you may indirectly find some. So never give up trying!

If you are ready to start magnet fishing why not check out my complete magnet fishing guide? It will give you the best start in this amazing hobby.

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