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How To Tie The Best Knot For Magnet Fishing.

A photo of a magnet fishing knot

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Believe it or knot (see what I did there!) your magnet fishing knot is very important. It is the one thing that keeps your expensive magnet connected to your rope. Without a good knot you will quite quickly lose your magnet to the deep and murky waters.

So it is important to make sure that you use a knot that will not undo under the pressure of pulling in a find.

The best knot for magnet fishing.

So what is the best knot to use for tying your magnet to your rope?

The Palomar knot is the strongest and best knot to use for magnet fishing. It is easy to tie and is self tightening, this means that the knot will get tighter when pressure is applied. This makes it perfect for when you are pulling in a magnet fishing find.

I personally use this knot for connecting my magnet to my rope and have done so for years. It is also the perfect knot for many other uses, so once learnt you will find many applications for it!

How to to tie the Palomar magnet fishing knot.

Ok that’s enough about the knot, now it time to learn how to tie it.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case I have something better than a picture, I have a GIF.

I always found it much easier to learn something by following a video so the GIF below should easily teach you how to tie this special magnet fishing knot.

This GIF shows exactly how to tie the Palomar magnet fishing knot
This GIF show how to tie the Palomar knot to connect your rope and magnet

If you need a little help after following the GIF I will list the steps to tying this knot in bullet points bellow:

  • Double up your length rope at the end.
  • Push the doubled up rope end through your neodymium magnets eye loop.
  • Now create a loop using the doubled up end main line of rope before the magnet.
  • The final step is to put your magnet through this loop and pull it tight.

You knot is now set and you are good to go. This knot is so incredibly strong and will get tighter and tighter the more pressure that you put on it.

In actual fact it is that strong it will only break if your actual rope fails.


I hope that this guide to tying a magnet fishing knot has helped you in some way.

I have used this knot for many years and it had never failed me once. Let me know in the comments how you get on using it for your equipment.

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